Why You Should Consider a Villa for Your Next Vacation

Why You Should Consider a Villa for Your Next VacationWhen we look to book a holiday to an exotic location, one of the first things that we think about is the type of accommodation that we are going to stay in. There are plenty of options now available in top destinations around the world, including luxury villas on the beach, boutique hotels, glamping or camping, hostel stays and much more.

One of the best decisions you could make when going on holiday is staying in a villa. Although many people might assume that this is out of their budget, here are some compelling reasons that you should definitely consider it – you may well be surprised and find that this kind of accommodation is perfectly suited to the type of vacation that you had in mind.

One of the major advantages of staying in a villa is the fact that you have complete privacy compared to virtually any other type of accommodation, as you will often find yourself renting an entirely independent property with all of its own facilities and amenities. This means that, as a group or

Tips for Planning Holiday Travel and Flights

Tips for Planning Holiday Travel and FlightsFlying for a holiday or for your vacation? Make sure that you’re planning your travel the right way. Not only do you need to shop around (and shop smart) for your plane tickets, but you need to make sure that you’re planning your travel within the area the right way. Yes, there’s a robust public transport system. Yes, you can also rent a car. However, it might be better to actually work with a taxi service. Of course, there are many other things that you’ll need to know, as well.

Know How to Pack

It seems like the airlines are constantly finding new ways to charge their customers. Once, pillows, blankets and even snacks were all part of the price you paid for your ticket. Today, they’re expensive extras. Many airlines have also started charging for extra bags. Pack smart. Bring only the necessities, and avoid checking extra bags to cut down on costs.

Avoid Heavy Travel Dates

A little known secret to air travel is that some dates are much more expensive to book your flight than are others.

Exploring the Cuisine of Cambodia

Exploring the Cuisine of CambodiaMany travellers who find their way to Cambodia (tours of the country are becoming increasingly popular) will end up sampling a fair variety of the country’s diverse, delicious, and sometimes curious, cuisine. From the simple, staple rice dishes to rich, bubbling curry sauces, Cambodian food – or Khmer cuisine – is some of the tastiest in all of Asia. The following are some of the most popular types of dishes.


The Mekong River, Bassac River, and the Tonlé Sap in Cambodia are hotbeds for many different kinds of fish. As a consequence, a huge variety of fish dishes and fish products are found in Cambodia. Tours to the country can allow you the opportunity to sample many of these popular types of cuisine. Trey Dang Dau, a small type of fish which is customarily eaten deep-fried, is particularly popular, as are shrimp, cockles, and crayfish. Often, the fish in Cambodia is made into prahok (a fermented salty fish paste) in order to preserve it for longer. Interestingly, according to official records, the amount of fish consumed in Cambodia in the year 2000 alone

Bring on the Summer Vacation

Have you ever noticed a mom that looked tired and frustrated on a family vacation? Of course you have, we’ve all been there. This summer you can actually enjoy a vacation without returning home exhausted. Here’s how to plan the perfect vacation where you get to relax and your kids still have a blast.

The summer has arrived and this is prime time for family vacations. Just remembering your family getaway last year brings forth an onset of mental exhaustion and stress. As the flashback kicks in you see yourself frantically shuffling the kids from theme park to theme park where you wait in line an average of 2 hours in sweltering 90 degree heat just to get on rides that send your stomach spinning and your breakfast flying, then spending your evenings scolding the kids for screaming and fighting in the quiet restaurant and you roll your eyes at your loving husband who pretends to be oblivious to it all behind the sports section of the newspaper.

It’s no wonder summer vacations have become bittersweet. You can put away the Excedrin. Just in time for summer, here is some great advice for busy Moms that

Pack It All In With These Indispensable Travel Luggage Tips

Luggage Selection

Thinking about buying some new luggage to take with you on holiday or your next business trip? Welcome to a minefield of decisions and pitfalls in the area luggage selection! So, let’s get straight onto the big questions of the day.

To Roll or Not to Roll?

One of the biggest decisions you’re going to have to make is whether you’re a roller or a lifter. Luggage with rolling wheels can make moving around the airport a breeze but it also adds to the weight of the luggage. So if you’re a lifter you’re going to have to avoid the wheels. One of the most bizarre sights at airports is the amount of lifters you see carrying luggage with wheels, so don’t think you’d be the first to make this elementary mistake.

Soft Case, Hard Case?

The next complication is whether to go hard or soft. Luggage for the hard case fancier is quite heavy but it’s generally quite tough for when the baggage handlers get rough and they don’t need to be quite so careful about the way they pack. For the soft case fancier however, packing is a fine

Itinerary Suggestion for a Vietnam and Cambodia Tour

Vietnam and Cambodia are two countries well worth exploring in-depth, and it’s very easy and highly recommended to combine the two countries into the same trip. It does depend on how much time you have for your trip, however it is possible to experience a comprehensive Vietnam and Cambodia tour in under three weeks.

Starting in Hanoi, you can experience the dramatic scenery of Halong Bay on an overnight trip on a traditional junk boat before heading south to the friendly town of Hoi An, full of old-world charm. Continuing south to Ho Chi Minh City you can take part in a crawling expedition through the Cu Chi Tunnels and explore the capital city for a couple of days. Jumping on a boat, you can travel through the Mekong Delta and wander over the border to Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. After visiting the sights in this bustling city you can catch a bus (or take a boat trip across the lake) to reach Siem Reap, where you will find one of the great wonders of the world, the Angkor temple complex, including Angkor Wat.

Day 1: Arrive in Hanoi

Arriving into a

Few Travel Tips on a Good Night Sleep

Having a good, refreshing night sleep is very important for those that travel a lot. It may not seem like a big thing, but business persons that are always travelling are often complaining about not being able to sleep enough because of their neighbors or because of the hotel staff. Here are some tips on how to make sure you will have the chance to get a good sleep overnight in order to be completely fresh for that morning meeting!

The first important travel tip is choosing the right hotel room. Make sure your room is not placed near an elevator or near the ice machine. It may not seem to be a big deal, but feeling the elevator’s vibration all night long will not help you sleep after a long tiring day of travel. Neither will help you sleep the sound of the hotels’ ice machine used by all the other persons on your floor. And, most important, always ask at the hotel’s reception if your room is placed near the disco club. Make sure you put at least 3 floors between your sleep and the hotel’s disco!

Another travel tip is to check if

Photography Tips While Traveling

Whether you’re embarking on a family vacation or your family reunion, it’s going to be a special time. When we think of trips we’ve taken, we tend to remember them best with photographs. Here’s some ideas to enhance your vacation as well as your memories of them.

Location Preparation

1) Since you know where you’re going (that’s a minimum requirement), doesn’t it make sense to check out the location before you get there? Create a list of attractions, accommodations, special points of interest, amusement areas, shopping, etc. A good source to help you do this is: the Places and Travel section of msn.com ( [http://groups.msn.com/Browse?CatId=179])

2) Figure out the photo opportunities for each appropriate venue. Anyone can take a “that’s nice” picture of the kids at an amusement park. Wouldn’t you rather capture a “WOW” photo that could be hung over the mantle?

3) Depending on the location you’re traveling to, you can see what books are written about them that highlight the best photo opportunities for the entire area

4) If you’re cyber-savvy, start at http://www.google.com and search using different combinations of: your destination, best photography locations, for images of the location,

Cambodia Holiday

In the past, travelling to Cambodia can only be achieved in our dreams as it has shut its doors for about 25 years. Now it is good news to those who want to travel to Cambodia as it has finally open the doors with open arms and welcome anyone to travel and visit the country. The kingdom of Cambodia is now a safe and enjoyable destination for tourists.

Cambodia is well-known for its ancient temples, fabulous sandy beaches, dense forest and the amazing culture and amazing history. Travelling to Cambodia is certainly very educational and eyes opening and is a perfect trip for the family.

It has been said that seeing the Angkor Wat alone is worth the trip to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is known to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is built by the Khmer Kings and it took almost 4 centuries to complete. In the ancient days, this temple was hidden in the forest but was fortunately discovered by a French man about 150 years ago.

The size of Angkor Wat is so huge that it is not possible to walk from one temple to another. If you

A Beach Condo Could Change Your Life

Owning a beach condo has proven to be a great long-term investment opportunity. It can be used as a second home or as an ideal retirement plan. Private ownership of individual apartments first appeared in the United States in the form of co-ops. These were single homes that were divided into separately owned apartments. Now, condominiums are built specifically for private ownership of individual units. The growth in high-rise condo construction also means that many units can occupy a fairly small piece of land.

Beach condos, in particular, have grown in popularity since the 1960s when they first entered the marketplace. Now they rival traditional hotels, waterfront rentals, and they exceed the number of cabins and cottages that once dominated the coastlines.

Beach condos offer the best of both worlds in terms of rental and ownership options. Only the wealthiest citizens can afford to own a traditional vacation home on the water. This is especially true of second homes. If it is not the homeowner’s primary residence, it might remain vacant 95% of the year. Yet owning a property allows for a stream of income year round from rentals. Thus, making a second home more affordable

Health Tips for Travellers

Travelling in Canada

Each year, over one million visitors come to Canada to explore this vast land. From cosmopolitan cities to majestic mountain ranges, Canada’s landscape is as diverse as its people. Travel, whether abroad or in one’s own country, is a richly rewarding experience, but there are always potential health risks. Visitors who travel to Canada are wise to consider a number of health tips before embarking on their journey.

The Great Outdoors

For the outdoor enthusiast, Canada is a veritable playground. Home to countless lakes and forests, Canada is the ideal destination for adventure seekers. To ensure that illness does not spoil your vacation, be aware of the environmental factors. The weather in Canada can vary greatly from province to province, thereby necessitating that you pack weather-appropriate clothing. To ensure that you are prepared for Canada’s extremes in climate, be sure to research the area that you will be visiting. Failing to dress accordingly may result in your health being compromised. In the summer months, be sure to protect yourself from a variety of bugs with insect repellant. Most of them are a mere annoyance, but a bite from an infected mosquito can

What to See and Do in Macau

I traveled to Macau last month, skeptical that the country might be a complete contrast to my idyllic international travels across Europe and USA. Stories of increased prostitution rackets and crimes added to my skepticism.

After a 7-hour flight from Mumbai to HongKong and 40 minutes of riding the ferry, Macau welcomed with shiny night roads.

The grandeurs of Macau left me stunned. By the time I set foot in the hotel, one thing was sure – Macau was more first-rate than it looked in pictures. The hotel was as big as it could get, even though it was only a three star. Golden walls embossed with dragons looked larger than life. Luggage staffs, the ones with gloves escorting you safely to your room, are privileges of a common man there. Macau’s royalty smote me faster than I thought.

Minutes later, tucked away into the confines of white linen and bounded with terrific Chinese dinner, I carefully jotted down the plan for my first day out in the city next morning. The plan was to experience the cultural difference between the slow life of Coloane and the gaudy existence of the mainland.

A night

Cambodia Top Resorts

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful and culturally-rich countries in the world. It maintains its natural beauty, but also offers 21st century luxuries such as modernised hotels, lodges, exquisite lakeside homes and restaurants to delight visitors during the heavy tourist season. If you would like to take a trip that is a bit ‘out of the ordinary’, where you can relax and enjoy some of the best resorts around, then might want to think about reserving your tickets and checking out some of the Cambodia holidays that are available. The five luxury resorts and hotels that are listed below are all four-star and five-star accommodations where many people have enjoyed staying on their Cambodia holidays.

Amansara Resort

One of the most popular and finest resorts that you can find to spend Cambodia holidays, the Amansara Resort can be found in Siem Reap which is arguably the cultural capital of this stunning country. Amansara was at one time the guest villa for King Norodom Sihanouk. These days, the garden compound has the capacity to serve 24 guest room suites that allow those who are staying there on Cambodia holidays to feel right at home. This luxurious

Travel Planning Do You Have All That You Need

Travel planning can be quite complex. There are many areas in which you will need to insure that you have what you need. It can be business travel or recreational. The point is that you’ll need to pull together everything that you need and keep it with you. This can be quite difficult especially in those last minutes before you leave. There is just too much to do and who knows what you’ll forget.

To help you with your travel plans, here are some key elements that you should consider.

o Make sure to first plan for your transportation. Gather your information for air line tickets, for transportation to the airport, and then transportation once you arrive at your destination. You’ll need easy assess to your flight numbers, your reservation numbers and your credit cards so that these elements can go easily.

o Next, consider your hotel stay. What elements do you need here? You’ll need to keep track of your hotel’s location, the reservation numbers and your credit card information for them. This will help you to get in quickly.

o You should also plan to keep identification close by at all times.

Tips for Tropical Climate Holidays

Looking to go on holiday to somewhere with a tropical or sub-tropical climate?

If so, following some of the following tips might be useful and help you to enjoy yourself even more.

  1. Don’t over-economise on your luxury accommodation at the resort. Tropical can mean high humidity at some times of the year and however much you love sun and warmth, you’ll want great pool and air conditioning facilities to allow you to sometimes escape and freshen up. Some ‘bargain-basement’ holiday accommodation might be disappointing in those respects.
  1. Take it easy for a day or two after arrival. Allow your body to acclimatise to its surroundings rather than rushing off to try and climb that hill in the distance right after your hotel check-in
  1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Keep alcohol to very sensible/modest levels due to its natural de-hydrating effects, as they’ll be exacerbated by the heat.
  1. Avoid very demanding swimming objectives unless you’re fit. Heat can be exhausting and even strong swimmers can sometimes find themselves in trouble if they’ve pushed themselves a little too far in hot conditions. That can be an even more significant

Where to Visit In Cambodia

Cambodia is a small geographical location that is yet to fully explore its tourism potential. This country is slowly recovering from historical restrictions and turning into a wonderful vacation destination. Cambodia is home to some of the most stunning and magnificent views that are its main tourist attractions. These features range from ancient temples, untouched islands, densely forested regions, exotic white sandy beaches, and some of the best architectural sites.

Cambodia is a unique location for vacation given its rich cultural history and heritage, wonderful natural features and the ever friendly Cambodian population. The country has adequate infrastructure, wonderful hotels and very tasty Cambodian cuisine. There are a number of places that are highly recommended for visitors to this magnificent country. A number of them have been explained in minor detail below.

The Angkor is one of the top tourist attractions in Cambodia. This huge and ancient temple features the remains of the famous Khmer Empire. The Angkor wat temple features unique ancient architecture and it is known to be the world’s largest religious monument. The pillars depict excellent architectural as well as artistic work. This location is famous among tourists who visit and take photographs

The Best Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon is a celebration to mark a couple’s union. Hence, they carefully choose among ideal destinations. They decide based from their personal considerations such as finances, interests and location. They plan the occasion to ensure an enjoyable, unforgettable, and romantic experience.

If you want a remarkable event, here is the list of the best attractions you can consider:

• Hawaii

Newlyweds consider Hawaii as the top destination for their after wedding vacation. The place provides a perfect setting for a memorable adventure. It features many tropical sights such as magnificent waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Couples can explore the islands of Kauai, Lanai, Maui, and Molokai. They will never run out of things to do such as watch the sunrise, admire the sunset, and sail along the coastline.

• Fiji

Fiji is an island paradise often considered as the new Garden of Eden. The island displays a diverse collection of fauna and flora, hot springs, and fine beaches. Couples can follow the trails leading to the stunning landscape of the island. In addition, they can go to the nearby villages and discover their culture.

• Italy

Italy is a favourite post-wedding

Tips If Traveling To An Area With Bird Flu

Considering the areas most impacted by bird flu are in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, it is advisable to stay clear of these regions. However, circumstances may arise that necessitates travel. In which case, you need to know how to protect yourself in these areas from contracting bird flu.

In general, basic hygiene can prevent a wide array of infectious diseases. For this reason, frequent hand washing is advised to eliminate bacteria and viral components from one’s hands.

More specifically, travelers should avoid any contact with poultry, including those held for agricultural use or wild birds. Any area potentially contaminated with bird feces should also be avoided. Currently, bird flu is only being transmitted from poultry to humans and not from human contact; therefore, you should assume every bird you see is potentially infected, as that very well may be the case.

You should also take special care not to ingest undercooked poultry, poultry products, or dishes made with poultry blood, as the virus may still be active in such dishes.

You also need to avoid contact with sick people or people that are exposed to poultry. This may seem excessive, but the

Easy Travel Tips to Save Time and Money for Tourists

People all over the world take an opportunity to go on vacations during summer. For them, it’s the best time to spend time with their families and enjoy themselves before the start of schooling season and return of cold weather. Taking a break doesn’t require too much money. In fact, there are a lot of ways where tourists can enjoy their vacations and save time and money at the same time.

• When going to the airport, fall in line behind business travellers and avoid falling in line behind families that carry a lot of stuff to put into the x-ray machine tray. This is because frequent travellers already know how to move quickly through that line than the others.

• When taking a flight, choose the type of plane to ride on. Not all airplanes are made equal so it’s recommended to check out the ones that offer nice seats and amenities. Some airlines have inline Wi-Fi onboard while some do not. Newer airlines have the comfort of nicer seats and more leg room. Furthermore, not all planes also have personal television screens for passengers either. Sometimes, trips also require airport transfers.

To ensure

Tourism in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country that offers her many guests a breathtaking experience during the Cambodia tours. Depending on how much time people have in their hands, a day or night tour would be ideal. Some of the interesting tours include sightseeing throughout her many attractions in the city. A balloon tour will make this trip memorable as people fly over the beautiful cities enjoying the best bird view ever. Some of the attractions here include the flooded forest that provides an awesome viewing experience.

Cambodia tours would not be complete without visiting the Phnom Phen city that unveils the intrigues of Cambodia. A tour to the Rabbit Island will crown this sightseeing tour in the gorgeous land of Sihanoukville. Siem Reap is an interesting city in Cambodia that offers the best excursions. People here have a great time learning the history of the city and enjoying all of its delights in style. Other interesting activities on this tour will include a visit to the floating village of Kompong Phluk, the Cambodia culture village, the Tonle Sap Lake and the Cruise on Tonle Sap Lake.

Cambodia tours would also not be complete without the awesome classic